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Climate Change is one of the biggest threats facing the World today. This year there will be the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26 – Glasgow 1-12 November) a summit that will bring parties together to accelerate action towards reducing climate impact.

There will also be a youth summit called Pre-COP26 in Milan (30 Sept – 2 October). The British Council and DCL Consultants believe all sections of the community should have a voice and the right to have that voice heard. Especially young people, who will inherit the future! We know that the solutions to any communities’ challenges must come from within that community.

This is the reason the research team is requesting you to kindly complete this survey – so we can reflect your, and other young people’s views, from across the World at Pre-COP26 and COP26 and ensure the Youth Voice is heard loud and clear. We can assure you that your data will be anonymized (nobody will be able to identify any person completing this survey) but by completing the survey you will be ensuring your Voice is added to all those other Global Young People demanding change and action on climate change.

The Global Youth Voice Team Thanks You for your time and commitment to action on climate change and helping us understand how young people feel about Climate Change and the action being taken by governments and global leaders. .